There are actually no open positions for PhD students, or researchers.

Lab for Narrative Technologies and Spatial Installations NTSI Lab's prototyping and workshop space (Building: A5, Section: 015-2).

Student Volunteers

NYUAD's Plastic Recycling Research Lab (aka NTSI Lab's Plastic Recycling Workshop aka Plastic Studio) currently looks for Student Volunteers. If interested to work in the lab please contact Felix…

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Student Summer Internships, Post Graduation Pract. Training Program

We are constantly integrating NYUAD students from different fields of studies into our research: engineering, psychology, economics, computer science, media design, to just name a few. NTSI's interdisciplinary team always looks for talented, self-motivated undergraduate students as Research Assistants or Student Interns, either working during the Fall/Spring-semester, or during the summer break. As those undergraduate students will be actively involved in project work. We especially want students to engage in advanced research and apply critical thinking to find and assess possible solutions to existing tasks and problems. Prospective applicants may be trained in the crossover of art & design, technology and innovation. An outstanding learning experience that is particularly essential for students interested in graduate school in the broad fields of design and engineering. Interested students should email a CV and a PDF (Portfolio with example projects) to the lab director. You should apply at least a semester in advanced.