2020/03 – 2021/02 / Aytek Jane


Aytek Jane is a design engineer with experience in product and interior design intested in methods to understand and implement aesthetics and simplicity. Experienced with various projects including the design of furniture, glassware, electronic devices, lighting, retail, hospitality and transport design at the NTSI lab his focius is in the following: First, in finding new methods of lighting through solar tracking heliostats and light distribution systems using lenses, mirrors, fibers and optomechanics. He is interested in controlling light for daylighting scenarios with a human centric approach, in searching effects on human hormone levels, circadian system, productivity and mood. Looking at biomimicry and its integration into objects of daily life he is inspired by light weight bone structures to integrate learnings into studies on furnitures, aerial vehicles and building structures. His various research interest include the implementation and bacterial filtration of aquaponics in daily lives for producing food, as well as the creation of self balancing, self-sustainable eco systems. Aytek Jane has won several local and international awards.

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Aytek Jane