Social Compositions and Communal Infrastructures

NTSI's researcher in the field of Social Compositions and Communal Infrastructures are interested in working with communities, understanding their nature, and transfering knowledge into innovative, applied projects. Often in collaboration with external partners such as cultural institutions or foundations for cultural heritage – specially in the UAE and the WANA region – projects cover the development of concepts and the creation of use-cases, and the realistion in forms of:

Site-specific installations for architectural spaces
We research infrastructural developments and their architectural spaces to develop site-specific installations1, 2 and Media Architectures3 with a high technological character and strong narrative. Of use for e.g. museums, pavilions (EXPO 2020, Architecture Biennale), museums, visitor centres, showrooms, entrance halls, airports, hotel lounges, parks etc.

Prototypes of new products
We research the digital society and translate trends into new kinds of medial devices. We focus on high user experiences (UX), intuitive user interfaces (UI) and Embodied Human Computer Interaction (eHCI) often in the context of Smart Materials, Internet of Things (IoT), E-Textiles or similar.

  1. Research Project Unity, 2016–2019 

  2. Research Project Holi Hé, 2016/03 

  3. Research Project Crossroads, 2016/10–2017/06